What we do

For educators

Identify and connect top aviation educators and support them in leadership, strategy, collaboration and mentorship.

For students

Mentor students by providing life-changing experiences for those in underserved communities.

For educators

Elevate Workshop


Each year, we lead a senior level leadership workshops to bring together leadership teams from selected schools and non-profits, during which we cover critical topics such as:

  • Funding opportunities
  • Best practice implementation
  • Board creation and leadership
  • Technology


This type of collaboration improves the quality of all programs and significantly shortens the time needed to launch new initiatives. Workshops provide:

  • Introductions to and inspiration from peers
  • Freely exchanged best practices between programs with similar missions
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Access to proven tools to improve your team’s communication and implementation
  • Unique content that is taught by subject matter experts from all industries


  • Aviation education programs that desire to improve their specific program and aviation education as a whole.
  • Programs who understand the benefits of a collaborative environment.
  • Participants who are willing to share successes, best practices and more.

Currently our focus is primarily at the high school level.

For students

Transformational Projects and Experiences

Aviation is all about being hands-on, so we develop and host events for students to have the opportunity to experience unique and educational programs.

Students have the opportunity to:

  • See possibilities that exist in the world of aviation and aerospace.
  • Inspire other students across the country via social media.
  • Make valuable connections with peers and industry leaders to accelerate their own path.
  • Connect after high school graduation via an alumni database to find internships, jobs, mentors, and other industry contacts.