Why we do it

Flight plan
#1 & #2

Develop a quality talent pipeline for the aviation industry

Produce confident students who are college, career and community ready

Challenges in the Aviation industry

  • Pilot shortages
  • Shortfall in maintenance technicians
  • Rising costs
  • Diminishing interest from younger generations

Passion for education

We traveled across the country to visit over 30 aviation educational programs with a focus at the high school level.

Inspiration for innovation

Aviation education programs are producing outstanding results, in some cases outperform their traditional education counter-parts by leaps and bounds. Many programs are accomplishing successful outcomes with very limited funding. Unfortunately, these programs have no contact with similar programs. They go at it alone. Aviation education comes with a unique set of challenges and educators are left to work through these challenges with no resources, often taking years to solve a problem that has already been solved by another program.

Opportunity to help kids and educators

By connecting educators and developing a resource powerhouse, ACF makes flight dreams accessible to thousands of students.