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Our Goal: Launch 1,000,000 Flight Plans for Life

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students to create life and career paths by opening doors within the aviation community.

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top aviation educators and support them in leadership, strategy, collaboration and mentorship.

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students by providing life-changing experiences for those in underserved communities.

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Develop a quality talent pipeline for the aviation industry


Produce confident students who are college, career and community ready

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Hosted by ACF + Jet Blue + Airlines 4 America + Vaughn College + Cradle of Aviation Museum + Associated Aircraft Group + Signature Flight Support + Kinematica USA

Student Aviation Expedition


What students said

  • "Ever since [Abingdon and I] spoke, I feel more driven into the Aviation field. This event kept me on the go and filled with wonder. I am very grateful."

    Lauren Klos

    CAP Squadron X
  • "I was exposed to so many amazing aspects of aviation as well as many influential people. This expedition has offered me the tools and information necessary to pursue a career path in aviation."

    Tiara Tillis

    OBAP - Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals
  • "It was incredibly interesting to see all sides of an airline’s operation, especially sitting in an aircraft cockpit. It was quite amazing to see some parts of the operation I wasn’t even aware of."

    Eric Froehlich

    CAP Squadron X


We partner with top aviation education programs across the country and are actively expanding our network.

Combined, the Aviation Community Foundation has impacted thousands of students across the U.S.

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Universal Elite

Houston, TX

Universal Elite is an Aviation S.T.E.M. Education + Outreach Organization with a mission to inspire, motivate and guide disengaged youth, educators and community members towards various S.T.E.M. careers and opportunities throughout Aviation and Aerospace.

Learn more at Universal Elite.

DC Youth Aviation Inc.

District of Columbia

DC Youth Aviation - Build a Plane, Inc. is a non profit group established with the purpose of promoting Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning to high school students.

Learn more at DC Youth Aviation.

Vaughn College

Queens, NY

Vaughn College's mission is to educate and train future leaders in the future-proof fields of engineering and technology, management and aviation.

Learn more at Vaughn.edu.

CAP Suffolk Squadron X

Long Island, NY

Civil Air Patrol Aerospace/STEM Education Programs bring over 40 free fun and engaging products and programs to our members in squadrons and classrooms throughout the nation. We serve adults and youth in pre-K through 12th grades. We reach 700,000 youth each year with our hands-on Aerospace/STEM lessons and materials.

Learn more at CAP.gov.

Aviation High School


The mission of Aviation High School is to provide our students with a high quality rigorous academic and technical program that will prepare them to meet the educational challenges of the 21st century and a career in aerospace.

Learn more at Aviation HS.

Aerospace Center for Excellence

Lakeland, FL

The Aerospace Center for Excellence provides opportunities, scholarships, and mentorship to over 30,000 youth annually by exposing them to the technologies that will prepare them for tomorrow’s aerospace challenges. ACE is the world’s leader in producing teenage private pilots.

Learn more at FlySNF.org/ACE

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Houston, TX

Founded in 1976, the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of minorities in all aviation and aerospace careers.

Learn more at OBAP.org.

Stripes to Bars

Denver, CO

Stripes to Bars is a 501(c)(3) public charity that enables qualified veterans to earn Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificates. In doing so, they assist those Veterans transition from military to civilian life, while increasing the pilot population.

Learn more at Stripes To Bars.

Experience Aviation

Miami, FL

Founded by Guinness World Record Holder Barrington Irving, Experience Aviation brings challenging project-based learning, hands-on STEM building educational opportunities to school districts and local communities nationwide, exciting the hearts and minds of youth.

Learn more at Experience Aviation.

Cradle of Aviation Museum

Long Island, NY

The Cradle of Aviation Museum is an aerospace museum located in Garden City, New York on Long Island to commemorate Long Island's part in the history of aviation.

Learn more at Cradle Of Aviation.

Tuskegee NEXT

Chicago, IL

Honoring the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, Tuskegee NEXT transforms the lives of at-risk youth through aviation education and career path opportunities, so they can transform their communities.

Learn more at TuskegeeNEXT.

Hiller Aviation Museum

San Carlos, CA

The Hiller Aviation Museum is an aircraft history museum located at the San Carlos Airport in San Carlos, California. It specializes in Northern California aircraft history and helicopter history.

Learn more at Hiller.org.

Aviation Academy (Denbigh)

Newport News, VA

Denbigh High School's Aviation Academy is a nationally recognized STEM site with a focus on piloting, aircraft maintenance, engineering, computers and electronics. Our mission is to provide a quality education that will maximize the potential of every student by providing them with the knowledge, skillsets, experiences and values needed in the 21st Century workplace.

Learn more at Aviation.nn.k12.VA.US.

Latino Pilots Association

Jacksonville, FL

The Latino Pilots Association was founded in August 2015. It is a nonprofit organization of professional pilots with a rich heritage spanning from North, Central, and South America, recognizing the need for a Latino pilot group to unite individuals and promote aviation to future generations in what we feel is an underrepresented demographic.

Learn more at LPA.org