Who we are

We are a 501(c)(3) organization comprised of entrepreneurs, educators and pilots who want every student to have the opportunity to build a flight plan for life. Aviation has been transformational in our own lives. Now we are giving back and ensuring that younger generations experience the passion and profound life-changing path that aviation provides.

Those of us who are pilots know that our first solo flight is one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. For pilots, flight is captivating, inspiring a desire and a passion that takes hold of you and changes your flight plan for life.

Leadership & Team

  • Ethan Martin Founder, CEO
  • Jamie Helander Director of Operations
  • Joshua Granof COO, Board Member
  • Trevor Waldorf Design Fellow


  • Gretchen L. Jahn Board Member
  • Doug Johnson Board Member

Advisory Board

  • Melissa Lucas Singer Advisory Board Co-chair
  • Benjamin J Goodheart Advisory Board Co-chair
  • Jennifer Urban Advisory Board Member
  • Lawrence Cole Advisory Board Member
  • Chuck Gensler Advisory Board Member
  • Melinda Benson Viteri Advisory Board Member
  • Craig Dixon Advisory Board Member
  • Annie Domko Advisory Board Member
  • Craig Teasdale Advisory Board Member