Projects and Experiences Transform Student Learning

Aviation is all about being hands-on, so we develop and host events for students to experience unique and educational programs.

In the spring of 2017, over 100 underserved students from across the country will fly to New York City to experience a transformational opportunity. Students will connect with peers from across the country and form new friendships, while being exposed to the many options in aviation and aerospace.

While visiting the city they will:

– See new opportunities and possibilities that exist in the world of aviation

– Inspire other students across the country via social media

– Make valuable connections with peers and industry leaders to accelerate their own path

Modaero NexGen Aviation Festival

Meet Elise Wheelock. Miss Wheelock is an aspiring young aviator with her private pilot’s license. In March 2016, Aviation Community Foundation provided a scholarship to send her to the Modearo Aviation Festival in Texas. While attending the festival, Miss Wheelock was able to make great contacts within the industry and have new exciting experiences. She describes the opportunity as helping her dream become a reality.