Think back to the most memorable experiences in your life:

If you’re a pilot, chances are your first solo is near the very top of the list. For pilots, there is something captivating about flight. There is a desire and a passion that takes hold of you and changes the course of your life.

Aviation has been transformational in our own lives. Now we want to give back and ensure that the younger generations are able to experience the passion and profound life-changing path that aviation can provide.

Our story starts out of curiosity. We’ve heard some pretty grim news stories about the state of aviation.

Pilot shortages…
Rising Costs..
Diminishing interest from younger generations..

The idea of aviation facing such hardships did not sit well with us. We had to find out more, so we put boots on the ground traveling across the country to visit over 30 aviation education programs with a focus at the high school level.

What we found was unexpected and incredibly inspirational.

There are aviation education programs producing outstanding results. In some cases, the aviation programs outperform their traditional education counter-parts by leaps and bounds. Many are accomplishing successful outcomes with very limited funding.

The other thing that shocked us…none of these programs have any contact with similar programs. They are siloed, left to go at it alone. And aviation education comes with a set of unique challenges. Funding and insurance to name a few.

Educators are left to work through these challenges with no resources. Often taking years to solve a problem that has already been solved by another program.

We saw opportunity. Connecting the educators and developing a resource powerhouse will ultimately make flight accessible to many more kids.

We see supporting the education leaders as the greatest potential to move the needle. And that is what we do.