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Our Goal: Launch 1,000,000 Flight Plans for Life

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Elevate 2018

March 2018

Utilizing technology to leverage the potential of top aviation education programs.

Elevate II

Building on the success of the 1st inaugural Elevate Workshop, Aviation Community Foundation’s Elevate II Workshop brings together top educators from around the country to collaborate.

Peer networking, thought leadership, and experiential learning are the cornerstones of this program.

Speakers from

  • Google
  • Airlines for America
  • Universal Elite Aerospace
  • Cirrus
  • Versant
  • Terwilliger Productions

Our Flight Plan


students to create life and career paths by opening doors within the aviation community.

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Identify and Connect

top aviation educators and support them in leadership, strategy, collaboration and mentorship.

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students by providing life-changing experiences for those in underserved communities.

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Together, We Will


Develop a quality talent pipeline for the aviation industry


Produce confident students who are college, career and community ready

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ACF + Jet Blue + Airlines 4 America + Vaughn College + Cradle of Aviation Museum + Associated Aircraft Group + Signature Flight Support + Kinematica USA

Student Aviation Expedition

NYC 2017



We partner with top aviation education programs across the country and are actively expanding our network.

Combined, the Aviation Community Foundation has impacted thousands of students across the U.S.

Universal Elite

Houston, TX

DC Youth Aviation Inc.


Vaughn College

Queens, NY

CAP Suffolk Squadron X

Long Island, NY

Aviation High School


Experience Aviation

Miami, FL

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Houston, TX

Stripes to Bars

Denver, CO

Aerospace Center for Excellence

Lakeland, FL

Cradle of Aviation Museum

Long Island, NY